Terex shaft contain Terex driveline,Terex half shaft and Terex camshaft.Such as Terex 3305B front driveline assy09013987;Terex 3305F front driveline assy15300861;Terex 3305F rear driveline assy 15300862;Terex 3307 front driveline assy09060412;Terex tr100 half shaft15017032;Terex tr60 half shaft15247329;Terex3307 rear camshaft09071175/76;Terex 3305 front camshaft09259130/31.Because there are thousands of products, in order to offer you good service, please kindly tell us the P/N(Part Numer). If you have no P/N, you can aslo tell us the ESN(Engine series Number) or vehicle type which you can find on nameplate of Cummins engine and Terex vehicle.small order&sample order is ok.quick and safe delivery.